Biotinylated Kinases

We’ve new products for you: biologically biotinylated human Kinases from Carna Biosciences.

Have you heard of Carnas biologically biotinylated kinases yet? They offer many features and benefits that can contribute to high quality data aquisition and your successful kinase inhibitor research!

The single-site, specifically biotinylated kinases are very useful for assay development using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), BioLayer Interferometry (BLI) or other assay formats like FRET, ELISA, AlphaScreen™, and HTRF® that utilize biotin streptavidin interaction for detection. 

✔ Kinases are labeled with a single biotin at the N-terminus
✔ Reliable lot-to-lot consistency
✔    High purity; ≥ 80% guaranteed
✔ Easy-to-use ; no additional labeling required
✔ Native, catalytically active kinase domains are preserved
✔ High quality human kinases produced via Baculovirus expression system
✔ Stable activity determined post expression
✔ Some kinases available pre-activated (via ATP treatment) and non-activated (without ATP treatment)

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