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In cooperation with Carna Biosciences we offer > 300 active recombinant human protein and lipid kinases suited for activity assays, biotinylated kinases suited for binding studies as well as a limited number of inactive mutant kinases suitable as substrates, and additional recombinant protein substrates.

All products are developed and produced entirely in-house from gene cloning, expression, and purification, and undergo rigorous quality control.

All products are available in various sizes starting from 5μg up to bulk production and are delivered to you with a lot specific data sheet.


Various recombinant Human Wild Type Kinases and mutant forms, isoforms, or inactive forms are available right now. Each kinase construct is carefully selected from the literature, and the DNA sequence is confirmed prior to expression. Various means are used to activate the kinases, e.g. co-expression with an upstream kinase, ATP treatment, dephosphorylation or tag removal.

The quality control includes confirmation of amino acid sequence by peptide mass fingerprinting, checking the purity by SDS-PAGE, determination of concentration using Bradford, and determination of activity using substrates from Carnas extensive substrate library.

Further features of our kinases are no lag phase activity, mostly GST-tagged, available from 5 µg sizes up to bulk amounts, and batch-to-batch consistency.

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Recombinant Protein Kinases

Biotinylated Kinases

In addition to GST-tagged (partly HIS and other tagged) products, a wide range of biotinylated kinases labeled with a single biotin at the N-terminus is available and guaranteed purity >80%.

The immobilization of target proteins onto sensor surfaces while maintaining both structure and activity has been problematic and rate-limiting for the acquisition of meaningful Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), BioLayer Interferometry (BLI) or other biotin-streptavidin interaction assay data in small molecule drug discovery.

During expression, biotin is added in vivo. The kinase domain is not affected and maintains its kinase activity and structure, a clear advantage compared to chemical biotinylation. Its lower rate of interference with cellular proteins leads to the rapid acquisition of reliable data with high sensitivity and low background. Our Biotinylated Protein Kinases are easily mobilized onto sensor surfaces without impairing their structure and activity.

The Amino acid sequences are confirmed using peptide mass fingerprinting. A purity greater than 80% purity is guaranteed and tested via CBB staining.


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Biological Single Site Biotinylation of Kinase and BTN-Kinases in 1ml Vial

Kinase Substrates

Carna's protein substrates are suitable for kinase activity assays. All substrates are developed and produced entirely in-house from gene cloning, expression in E.Coli, and purification, and undergo rigorous quality control. Each substrate is available in various sizes, including bulk production, and are delivered to you with a lot specific data sheet.


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