Our Mission: Provide High-quality reagents, service and technical support for kinase drug development

Welcome to Kinase Logistics Europe

The mission of Kinase Logistics is to provide reagents, service, and technical support for kinase drug development. Kinase Logistics offers high-quality recombinant protein and lipid kinases, kinase assay kits, biochemical and cell-based kinase profiling/screening services, and a solution to investigate protein-protein interaction.

Kinase Logistics has been appointed by Carna Biosciences, Inc., Japan as their European Distributor.


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Recombinant Human Wild Type Kinases


Mutant forms, isoforms, and inactive forms

  • Kinases & Substrates

    Kinases & Substrates

    We offer active recombinant human protein and lipid kinases suited for activity assays, biotinylated kinases suited for binding studies as well as a limited number of inactive or inactive mutant kinases suitable as substrates, and additional recombinant protein substrates.

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  • Assay Kits

    Assay Kits

    Assay kits are available for more than 300 human kinase targets and are ready-to-go products for various assay platforms. They are optimized for testing small molecule compounds for inhibitory activity.

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  • Biochemical Profiling Assay Services

    Biochemical Profiling Assay Services

    Once compounds are identified, mechanism of action studies are necessary to characterize and compare the potential drug candidates. We offer activity-based kinase profiling and screening services for assessing potency and selectivity of your compounds.

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  • Cell-based Assay Services

    Cell-based Assay Services

    For more accurate prediction of kinase inhibitor function we offer different cellular kinase assay services for assessing occupancy, selectivity, and affinity of your compounds.

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Latest News

  • 13-10-22

    2023 Year-End Campaign

    We’ve got good news for you: a special discount for human Kinases from Carna Biosciences.

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  • 06-09-22

    DGKα and DGKζ are key targets for cancer immunotherapy

    Carna Newsletter Vol.14

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  • 05-07-22

    The potential of PIKfyve inhibitor as a treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

    Carna Newsletter Vol.13

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  • 11-06-22

    New Cellular CDK Assay Panel Launched and Special Offers from Carna

    We are pleased to launch a new CDK (cyclin-dependent kinases) Cell-based Assay Panel for kinase researchers who are focusing on the CDK family.

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  • 02-03-22

    The importance of understanding the activity of compounds on RAF dimerization in BRAF inhibitor drug discovery

    Carna Biosciences Newsletter Vol. 12

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  • 09-12-21

    Kinase Inhibitors as Potential Therapeutic Agents for COVID-19

    Carna Biosciences Newsletter Vol. 11

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  • 09-09-21

    Evaluating Kinase Inhibitors in Binding Assays using Activated and Non-Activated Biotinylated Kinases

    Carna Biosciences Technical Note No. 1

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  • 26-05-21

    Targeted Degradation of Non-catalytic Kinases New Drug Discovery Options

    Carna Biosciences Newsletter Vol. 10

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  • Further news

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