11. June 2022

New Cellular CDK Assay Panel Launched and Special Offers from Carna

We are pleased to launch a new CDK (cyclin-dependent kinases) Cell-based Assay Panel for kinase researchers who are focusing on the CDK family.

The CDK Assay Panel consists of 23 CDK targets, and is based on the NanoBRET™ TE technology. Your compound’s direct engagement with each CDK is quantitatively measured inside living HEK293 cells, providing a snapshot of its selectivity across all of the CDK targets in the panel. These assays are performed as single point concentrations in duplicate.This extensive, 23-strong CDK Assay Panel provides:

  • Data from a uniform assay format allowing comparison across the CDKs
  • Co-expression with a relevant cyclin subunit
  • Analysis in a cellular environment providing physiologically relevant data

Special Launch Offers!

(valid for orders placed by September 15th, 2022)

  • Buy One Get One Free!
    Send in one compouund for analysis, and we will analyse a second compound (sent in the same order) for free!
  • 20% Off Follow up IC50s!
    Subsequent to your CDK Panel data, we are offering a 20% discount (off list price) on IC50s against CDKs in the panel for either or both of your compounds.

If you’re interested in our CDK Panel, and in taking advantage of these limited-time special offers, email us from here.

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