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  • 13-10-22

    2023 Year-End Campaign

    We’ve got good news for you: a special discount for human Kinases from Carna Biosciences.

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  • 06-09-22

    DGKα and DGKζ are key targets for cancer immunotherapy

    Carna Newsletter Vol.14

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  • 05-07-22

    The potential of PIKfyve inhibitor as a treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

    Carna Newsletter Vol.13

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  • 11-06-22

    New Cellular CDK Assay Panel Launched and Special Offers from Carna

    We are pleased to launch a new CDK (cyclin-dependent kinases) Cell-based Assay Panel for kinase researchers who are focusing on the CDK family.

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  • 02-03-22

    The importance of understanding the activity of compounds on RAF dimerization in BRAF inhibitor drug discovery

    Carna Biosciences Newsletter Vol. 12

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  • 09-12-21

    Kinase Inhibitors as Potential Therapeutic Agents for COVID-19

    Carna Biosciences Newsletter Vol. 11

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